Red Crested Turaco (Medium)

Red Crested Turaco (Medium)

Tauraco erythrolophus

#The Unsociable

Popular for their bright colours and prominent crest, the Turaco gets its vibrancy from just two pigments. Both pigments contain copper, which is unique to the bird. The call of the bird sounds a little like a jungle monkey and has given it the nickname ‘the Go-Away Bird’, as it sounds very similar to ‘g’way’.


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Product Description

“Ruffled” is a recent interactive artwork in which “living” portraits of birds are reinvented by using technology. Each “Ruffled” has been designed with its own particular mannerisms and beauty. Some birds are very expressive, while others tend to have a mora subtle behavior.

Additional Information


Dominic Harris




8+2AP+2P (20 species)


blackened aluminium, custom electronics and software, industrial LCD screen, time of flight sensor


32 x 39 x 7 cm