Fractal Cloud (2013)

Fractal Cloud (2013)

Software by Claude Micheli

Fractal Cloud 2013 is a virtual reality installation where a fractal generator  gradually forms a cloud. The fractal is part of a special geometry, where each element can be repeated ad infinitum, so that part of the object is similar to the object itself. The simple initial structure endlessly becomes more complex. The lines go astray, drawing our eyes such automatic writing, abstract landscapes. Under the apparent anarchy of several geometric shapes, a certain sense of order is hidden.

Miguel Chevalier’s wide-ranging artistic vision has been shaped by a broad education and extensive travel. Since 1982, his art has been dedicated to the exploration of technology. Taking references from the history of art and reformulating them using computer tools, his works investigate the flux and networks that underlie contemporary society. He is known internationally as one of the pioneers of virtual and digital art. His images are a rich source of insights into ourselves and our relationship to the world.

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Miguel Chevalier




1 mini Mac, LCD screen


64 x 112 cm