King Penguin (Large)

King Penguin (Large)

Aptenodytes patagonicus

#The Swimmer

King penguins generally forage at depths of 150 – 300m, with 500m being the maximum depth recorded for this species. Deep dives are only made during the daytime, but King penguins can also feed at night by making shallow dives. Presumably they can still hunt by sight at night, because of the bioluminous light emitted from their prey.

“Ruffled” is a recent interactive artwork in which “living” portraits of birds are reinvented by using technology. Each “Ruffled” has been designed with its own particular mannerisms and beauty. Some birds are very expressive, while others tend to have a mora subtle behavior.


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Dominic Harris




8+2AP+2P (20 species)


blackened aluminium, custom electronics and software, industrial LCD screen, time of flight sensor


37.5 x 44 x 7 cm