Greater Flamingo (Large)

Greater Flamingo (Large)

Phoenicopterus roseus

#The Pink Wader

A sociable creature, these long- legged waders live in flocks with as many as 10,000 birds; spending their days feeding off the pink shrimp that colours their feathers. Flamingos are skittish and fly away if disturbed; often being mistaken for geese because of the loud honking noises they make. The Greater Flamingo is characterised by its long neck, long pink legs, and pink plumage with black and white tipped wings.


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Product Description

“Ruffled” is a recent interactive artwork in which “living” portraits of birds are reinvented by using technology. Each “Ruffled” has been designed with its own particular mannerisms and beauty. Some birds are very expressive, while others tend to have a mora subtle behavior.

Additional Information


Dominic Harris




8+2AP+2P (20 species)


blackened aluminium, custom electronics and software, industrial LCD screen, time of flight sensor


37.5 x 44 x 7 cm