Crested Partridge (Small)

Crested Partridge (Small)

Rollulus rouloul

#The Lazy One

This species can be found in large groups under canopies, but are often found on their own or in a pair when searching for food. Whilst walking around, the birds use their feet to probe the ground for food. Being quite a large bird with small wings, they are not good flyers. When threatened, they prefer to run, but they can fly short distances if necessary.


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Product Description

“Ruffled” is a recent interactive artwork in which “living” portraits of birds are reinvented by using technology. Each “Ruffled” has been designed with its own particular mannerisms and beauty. Some birds are very expressive, while others tend to have a mora subtle behavior.

Additional Information


Dominic Harris




8+2AP+2P (20 species)


blackened aluminium, custom electronics and software, industrial LCD screen, time of flight sensor


26 x 32 x 7 cm